100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 167 : Amy by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 167 : Amy

The first thing you are going to say is Amy has her eyes closed.

Amy told me she was going to close her eyes because her characters eyes are the big white and black ones in her make up.

I met Amy at Nottingham Cosplay yesterday and she is playing Sally Bust Bank from the film Nightmare before Christmas.

I saw Amy in Bolero square, texting on her phone and asked her if I could photograph her for my project.

I suggested we went behind the back of the official merchandise van as it has a lovely charcoal colour panel and was also in the shade.

Amy works for an outdoor cinema event company whose profits are sent to charities in Africa.

Amy is also studying at college (I think she said it was cinema / theatre related course)

She's just been on a photography course, so showed great interest in my mirror less Sony A6000 and nifty fifty.

We had quite a conversation about camera's and she told me her father had told her he would buy her a new camera for her birthday (she already has a Canon 60D) . she took a picture of my camera for reference as I was singing the praises of the A6000. I also told her about my vintage lens project !!!

I did quite a few shots of Amy and I really like doing headshots, so I have posted this striking shot of Amy's hair and make up.

I gave Amy a card and she said she would be in touch for some pictures. A Little later I saw amy meeting up with her friends and I heard her tell them that she had just been "papped" :)

Thank you for being stranger 167 Amy, I hope you had a great day at Cosplay.

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You're a proper papper now Phil! That make up must have taken hours to complete, very striking shot
May 7th, 2019  
You really are finding the most fascinating people to photograph!
May 7th, 2019  
Lovely colours but the ‘barbed wire’ on her face is a bit worrying. Rather exotic, Phil!
May 7th, 2019  
Wow! Is she real? :-)
May 7th, 2019  
Well you couldn’t miss Amy....fabulous subject for your project!
May 7th, 2019  
A striking portrait, you proper papper! :-)
May 7th, 2019  
Sad news about Bolton Wanderers. Even sadder about Notts County. The Wanderers start next season umpteen points adrift but at least County get a parachute payment.
May 8th, 2019  
That charcoal grey is perfect for setting off Amy's colourful wig and costume. Love the vibrancy of the colours.
May 9th, 2019  
@dulciknit thank you alison , for all your comments and faves, very much appreciated

@lostphojo thanks David, Bolton;s plight is unbelievable !

@happypat thanks Pat, glad you like this

@ivan very much so ivan :)

@quietpurplehaze thanks Haze, Amy;s make up was fabulous

@casablanca thank you Casa' much appreciated :)

@fbailey Papper Phil , LOL , thanks felicity :)
May 10th, 2019  
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