eScooters  by phil_howcroft


Nottingham has an eScooter rental system.

You can hop on and hop off the scooters for 12pence per minute or £30 a month for key workers.

It's all done via a mobile phone app

This couple were eyeing up a couple of scooters when a group of 3 young ladies pulled up beside them and gave them guidance on what to do to hire them.

Shot near Trent Bridge on the entrance to the Embankment

What a cool idea! Wonderful capture too. It would take me at least two days to get to town on a scooter like that.
April 11th, 2021  
Excellent street scene! I love the yellow of the scooters.
April 12th, 2021  
Lovely capture. I like their yellow colour. They have been here for quite some time and are quite popular with the younger generation. I hate to see them left around with any respect for others. Sometimes they block pavements and the other day some stupid guy left one just in front of my drive way which I angrily kicked out of the way.
April 12th, 2021  
What a great idea for getting about the city. Saves on fumes adding to the environment
April 12th, 2021  
We tried these scooters in Taupo. Couldn’t get it to work & all the time it was costing money on the mobile phone! Other people seem to get them to go but it was rubbish sadly!
April 12th, 2021  
@happypat @busylady @sangwann @ljmanning @marlboromaam

Thanks everybody for your lovely comments and continued support
April 13th, 2021  
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