100 Strangers : Round 3 : No. 286 : Farah by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 3 : No. 286 : Farah

On Monday, I took Ruby for a walk to Nottingham Arboretum, to photograph the Autumn colours in this beautiful Victorian city centre park.

The park is quite close to the Nottingham Trent University, city campus and therefore you do see a few students in the park during the day.

As I was photographing some beautiful leaves, I noticed three young ladies on the path opposite me taking some photos with their mobile phones.

I walked over to them and engaged them in conversation. Well more of a smile and “Hi” and take it from that point forward.

“Awwwww your dog is beautiful, is she cold, why is she wearing a coat?”

“That’s because she is a whippet and is very skinny and doesn’t have much fur”

“Can we pet her? Is she safe?”

“Yes of course you can, she is really gentle, she is a rescue dog”

The girls then stroke Ruby and we have a chit chat about Ruby.

“Are you all students?” I ask

They all nod yes

“From Trent Uni?”

At this point the main spokesperson for the group takes the lead in the conversation.

“I’m from De Montford Uni’ in Leicester and my friends are from Trent Uni’”

“Ahh OK what are you studying at Leicester”

“I studied Business Law”

“Studied , have you finished your degree?”


“...and did you pass?”

“of course”

“Congratulations and what next, what are you going to do now you have passed?”

“I am doing my PhD, my doctorate”

“Wow, Good luck with that. Are you from Leicester?”

“I live in Nottingham, but study in Leicester, but I am from Jordan, You know Jordan, in the Middle East”

“Yes I do, so do you prefer Leicester or Nottingham”

“Nottingham is better I think”

“And after you get your PhD, what then?”

“Back to Jordan”

I then introduce the idea of 100 strangers, which gets a positive “Yes”

“What is your name, I’m Phil”

“Farah, F..A..R..A..H”

“Pleased to meet you Farah”.

Farah asked if we could do some shots with Ruby and I said yes of course, Ruby would be a great model beside her.

I took quite a few photos and it was difficult to chose which to post.

I went with a headshot, but will post another one of Farah and Ruby for my next photo.

Farah saw the photos on the back of my camera and did lots of oooos and ahhhs in approval.

“You send me some”

“I will”

I give Farah a contact card and we bump fists as we part.

As you can see, Farah looks amazing against the Autumn colours of the park.

Beautiful - I do love your outdoor portraits in preference to your studio shots . Farah has such beautiful brown eyes and a lovely direct gaze - The figure in black stands out so well from the Autumnal mellow tones of the surrounding trees ! fav
November 10th, 2021  
Beautiful and on such a nice background!
November 10th, 2021  
@beryl thanks beryl , i do prefer working the streets for strangers than a studio setup, but it was good to do a bit of studio work.

@marlboromaam those autumn / fall colours are fabulous maggie, thanks for the kind words
November 11th, 2021  
She looks as though she has a delicious secret. Gorgeous portrait for your collection Phil!
November 11th, 2021  
Said before, will say again.... really enjoying these, the photos and the stories
November 11th, 2021  
Lovely girl with a lovely smile. I knew she wasn't British by origin from her tan which is very Mediterranean. Your whippet is wonderful to attract possible subjects. Of course, the photographer is always at his best when taking portrait shots and this is a great one.
November 11th, 2021  
She has the most beautiful eyes
November 11th, 2021  
sweet :)
November 11th, 2021  
Terrific portrait Phil and you always write such an interesting narrative.
November 11th, 2021  
Farah is a very beautiful girl…..she sounds friendly & outgoing too! A great asset to Jordan. You captured her beautifully….she will be pleased with your photos.
November 11th, 2021  
Always enjoy the stories that go with your portraits
November 11th, 2021  
@bkbinthecity many thanks bkb :)

@happypat Pat, you are right Farah loves the photos, I sent about 6 to her and she loved them, I got an email with a big heart on it !

@busylady thanks judith , I try to ensure every stranger has a back story

@casablanca you are right Casa'

@sangwann thanks Dione, Ruby is always a good way to meet strangers, Farah was really nice and knew how to pose

@pdulis thanks Peter

@newbank thanks Newbank , that is a lovely comment

@ljmanning thanks Laura, for your support and comment
November 12th, 2021  
Lovely shot of her.
November 13th, 2021  
Fav !
November 14th, 2021  
Another one of your found beauties! Look forward to seeing the pictures with Ruby also in black!
November 19th, 2021  
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