100 Strangers : Round 4 : No. 337 : Tony, Sharon and Sky by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 4 : No. 337 : Tony, Sharon and Sky

This is the follow up to my previous shot which was scene setting this story.

I was photographing the Major Oak pub in Arnold or the Ma Oroak (missing J from the front name sign). The missing J attracted me to the photograph.

As I was photographing the building, there was a couple, Tony and Sharon smoking cigarettes near the front doors, they had a dog with them.

“Are you from the brewery” shouted Tony

“No” I replied and made my way towards them both

“I thought you might be” continued Tony “The pub is due a refit”

“I’ve never been in, I am an amateur photographer, I thought it made a nice bit of urban architecture, I was also attracted to the faulty signage”

“The J has been missing for a long time” said Sharon “if you go down the side, the other sign has the J on it”

“It sounds like a Chinese Restaurant” I replies

“If you want architecture , The Greyhound, pub in Arnold is good to photograph, that’s our other local” said Tony.

“Yes, it has a good hanging basket display” I said

I then asked about photographing them, both Tony and Sharon were willing sitters.

“If you stand in the doorway it will make a great photo” I said, “It will be a frame within a frame, which is a good way of presenting a photo”

“Shall I pick up Sky or keep him on the floor”

“I think he will look great with you holding him, is he allowed in the Pub?”

“Yes he can come with us”

So I clicked away on my Sony RX100, asking them to look at the camera, which they all did including Sky.

“So are you both retired?”

“We are indeed”.

“So after your drinks here, what do you do next”

“Go home , have some lunch, feet up for a rest”

“Do you fall asleep?”

“I don’t, Sharon does though”

I shot some full length shots and that was it, I told them to enjoy their lunch and enjoy the sunny afternoon, We shook hands and off I went, not before taking a side shot of the pub, with the sign including the J
This is a nice portrait and the composition is perfectly framed by an entrance (door?). I like that their puppy is part of it and the B&W allows us to go to the essential, their faces and body language.
September 21st, 2022  
The pup is dressed perfectly for your B&W portrait!
September 21st, 2022  
@allie912 thanks Allison , I am pleased with this

@corinnec thanks corinne of your thoughtful comment, it is the entrance door , it's a classic composition technique
September 22nd, 2022  
Fabulous black and white stranger portrait!
September 22nd, 2022  
Nice relaxed portrait, great in b&w (& that dog has quite an expressive face)
September 22nd, 2022  
Great couple!
September 22nd, 2022  
They both have faces that draw you in. Another great one for your collection Phil!
September 22nd, 2022  
Lovely portrait and great story.
September 22nd, 2022  
They look very happy to be part of your project
September 22nd, 2022  
Love the story and the portrait!
September 22nd, 2022  
Very nice! I like Sky being included.
September 22nd, 2022  
Nicely framed, and that's one cute dog.
September 22nd, 2022  
This is such a natural and relaxed portrait, so very very appealing
September 22nd, 2022  
What a lovely story and a great shot
September 22nd, 2022  
A lovely relaxed couple and their cute dog
September 22nd, 2022  
Beautiful b&w portrait capture of the three of them. Tony looks still young to be retired. Sharon doesn't look old either.
September 22nd, 2022  
Lovely shot and story
September 22nd, 2022  
Yes, the framing's pleasing; nice contrasty tones too. I like how your subjects are posed too, more natural and relaxed looking than straight on, side-by-side. You're quite good at this aren't you? ;-)
Sounds like they're enjoying their retirement.
September 22nd, 2022  
@dulciknit thanks Alison, I hope I am good at it , I should be after 300+ , I am a lot more confident now than when I started, but it is always a bit daunting asking for a photo :)
September 22nd, 2022  
Lovely relaxed portrait!
September 23rd, 2022  
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