1960's Phil at the Park  by phil_howcroft

1960's Phil at the Park

I'm struggling for content , so here is a shot from my archive.

This is me at Egerton Park in Bolton some time in the 1960's .

See the scab on my right knee, I fell off my bike , my knee was a right mess, it should have been stitched , my Mum just put a plaster on it !!!

I now have a scar on the knee !!!

Shot with my Dad's Leica and judging by the age of me I'd say with the Elmar 5cm f3.5 Leitz (Leica) lens , that I still use today (adapted to my Sony cameras)

What a cutie pie!
January 28th, 2023  
A great picture Phil!
January 28th, 2023  
A great image from the archives, love that mop of hair
January 28th, 2023  
Oh Phil look at your curls! Such a sweet shot from yesteryear!
January 28th, 2023  
Love this!
January 29th, 2023  
January 29th, 2023  
Great shot - shame about the knee
January 29th, 2023  
Lovely capture. I always think these 'battle scars' hold precious memories!
And the Clarks sandals....didn't we all have them.
January 29th, 2023  
@jenbo oh yes Clarkes sandals , I don't think there was anything else other than Clarkes back in the day

@rensala thanks Renee :)

@boxplayer cheers box'

@allie912 thank you so much Allison

@carole_sandford Carole , I never liked my curls , everyone else has "straight hair" !!!

@beryl It is a big mop for sure beryl :)

@corinnec Merci , Corrine , much appreciated

@marlboromaam thanks Mags, you think so :)

January 29th, 2023  
@phil_howcroft we are never happy with what we have! I have straight hair, I always wanted curls! 😂
January 29th, 2023  
the curls are amazing and the accident sounds grim but you have a story to tell and a scar to show the grand children.
January 29th, 2023  
Great shot.
January 31st, 2023  
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