Aren't Round by phmlq

Aren't Round

Well, this is the best photo of Perm' city I could take. And just the best photo I could take today.

Everything around is gray (not only in Perm', but all the way here from Ekaterinburg). It's cloudy. And drizzling. And all the birches, and alders, and aspens, and even larches are almost black and almost naked. And the city is gray.

So, I couldn't find a scene I would like and ended up with no picture in the late evening. And I walked to a balcony of another one night home. And couldn't find a scene. And then I suddenly remembered that photo is nothing more than light. So, I decided to focus on light. And then I decided to defocus on light. And came up with this. And it looks better than anything else I saw today.

I guess it's just some part of yesterday's biennial stuck in my head. I'm just subconsciously moving towards modern art. Oh, I hope I'm not. It's just a joke. At least, I hope so.

And since I'm telling weird stuff today, there's one thing in this picture I can't stop thinking about. It's annoying and makes no sense, so it's probably better to just stop reading here.

Well, it's about these light spots. They aren't round. I tried several lenses on different lights and the result is always the same. They aren't round. They are more like octagons. They have angles. I tried to Google it, but nobody else seemed to care. It not surprising considering that this is probably the most stupid problem to care about. And it's likely to have some very simple physics behind it. Shape of lamps, perspective and lens distortion. Still, it doesn't want to get out of my mind. I just need to know why they aren't round.
Wonderful image!!
October 12th, 2019  
It’s a pretty good shot for a rainy day! I like it a lot
October 12th, 2019  
October 12th, 2019  
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