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Hi, I'm Photo Jess along with my life partner, best friend and wife I am primarily a nature photographer. I have always loved the outdoors from the time I was 4 years old and watched a US Forest Service commercial with Smokey the Bear, I dreamed from that time on in my little mind of becoming a Forest Ranger. I achieved my dreams at 19 years old when I went to work with the Forest Service in the YACC; Young Adult Conservation Core. I was hired to help fight the pine beetle outbreak in the San Isabel National Forest. I was hired by the US Forest Service a year later and became a Forestry Technician as a Crew leader and Project manager. At this time I picked up my first 35mm camera, a Canon AE1 and a second camera a Canon A1. My love for nature, wildflowers, insects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, trees, shrubs, mushrooms, ferns, lichens, clouds, landscapes and essentially everything and anywhere there was natural life provoked my love and delight to see through the viewfinder! I left my love for photography when I married my forever love Janis. We raised a large family, 9 children. I worked in the IT/Business world along with full time Pastoring churches and small groups along with Janis raising our 9 children. Six years ago I picked up my first digital camera and continued my love and passion for capturing the beauty of God's creation. Light, shadows and color. I love being with and preserving the moment of an experience with wildlife. I love getting down on my belly and viewing a tiny wildflower with my camera. I took a sabbatical from 365projects after some stressful years in the workplace but now me and my wife are retired due to an early retirement/severance from my company. I am excited to begin a new year and look forward joining and participating with the 365 community again.