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update september 2020 ...

decided that, after five-and-a-half years on this fabulous site, I should say a little more about myself than the two sentences with which I kicked off in january 2015, which you'll find at the bottom :)

I did a couple of adult education photography courses in 2014, when I didn't know a shutter speed from an aperture from an ISO. I got instantly hooked. I have learned much of what I now know from taking my camera everywhere, shooting most days, making mistakes, the occasional online course, plus much googling and you-tubing ... but mostly I have gained support and inspiration and motivation and friendship and technical expertise from the lovely people on 365. over time i have stopped being frightened of photoshop and learned to embrace it, even when the liquify tool refuses to do something it did yesterday without any fuss. i have come to love processing as much as taking the picture in the first place, and in the past couple of years i've started to create composite images, which i could do all day, except that my body complains if i sit down for too long, and i do have a life to get on with as well ;)

I live in cheltenham, in southwest england, with mr g. we have three grown-up sons


Started taking photos last year and I'm hooked. Seeing the world differently - turns out there are photo opportunities just about everywhere you look.