My 100th pic! by pistonbroke

My 100th pic!

To celebrate this milestone I'm posting my self portrait, created with the help of a scaffold tower, lots of gaffer tape and a piano
Really great capture. Brilliant technique.
April 9th, 2013  
Great image -- obviously you hadn't read the notice on the piano !! lol
April 9th, 2013  
@beryl Ah yes, well spotted Beryl, I had to be a bit sneaky and wait until there was no-one around. If I'd been caught my defence would have been "I'm only PRETENDING to play it-honest!"
April 9th, 2013  
He he he !!!!- - - - - -
April 9th, 2013  
April 9th, 2013  
hahaha great pov, did you miss the notice?
April 10th, 2013  
Love the POV. Great shot!
April 10th, 2013  
Such a rebel. But why not play the piano?
April 10th, 2013  
Congrats on the milestone! Like the pov.
April 10th, 2013  
@miley89 If only I could...
April 10th, 2013  
Fab POV!
April 13th, 2013  
Missed it! How much tape did you use, and did you have it on a very long delay or continuous?! Great shot & belated well done on the first 100
April 15th, 2013  
@filsie65 Hi Phil - I was checking back through my pics and saw your questions on this one. Most of the tape was used to secure the camera and tripod safely on to the scaffold tower - I was worried about it toppling over and crashing 30 feet to the floor. I had a cable-free remote control on the floor which I triggered with my foot (funnily enough, it hasn't worked since!) so it's a single flash exposure. I think the range of the remote was only supposed to be about 15 feet, so I'm surprised it worked at all, to be honest!
June 7th, 2013  
Hi there, I love this one, so very you and I don't think you've changed much in 28yrs (not fair)
August 20th, 2013  
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