2020 04 22 - Urgent Surgery by pixiemac

2020 04 22 - Urgent Surgery

Eeeeek Zak’s duck has a neck injury..... too much puppy attention!

I’ve already completed surgery to close a reindeer head where it was de-antlered by an over enthusiastic Zak!
Ha ha I don't suppose Zak minds you doing a bit of surgery to his duck's neck.
April 22nd, 2020  
Oh dear my heart stopped as I read the words Zac and surgery! Thank god it was only the duck!
April 22nd, 2020  
I love your sewing kit, all very pretty.
April 22nd, 2020  
Maggie is forever disembowling her toys leaving trails of stuffing.
April 23rd, 2020  
Good thing that the beautiful scissors and lovely silky thread will come to the rescue!
April 23rd, 2020  
You would just about need a suit of armour to be dog proof!
June 27th, 2020  
November 3rd, 2020  
I read that you and Rosie were out photo trekking together so I came over to say hello but you haven't been posting for even longer than I was away! Looking forward to you posting some kingfishers from today.
December 3rd, 2020  
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