Old and New by plainjaneandnononsense

Old and New

Years ago on a photo walk in London we were adviced to take pictures which contained the contrast between old and modern architecture. This sight greeted me when I got off the tram in Manchester today.

Absolutely buzzing that I've finally managed to do 365 days! Next year I'd like to do the same but post more regularly ! So very grateful to those who've encouraged me this year!
Great contrasting shot
December 31st, 2022  
@bkbinthecity Thank you! I'd love to snap it again on a brighter day!
December 31st, 2022  
Congratulations! And that's a good tip, well spotted.
January 2nd, 2023  
Amazing contrast!
January 3rd, 2023  
@boxplayer @kjarn Thank you - it's quite a few years ago now so I was surprised it popped into my mind as soon as I saw this!
January 3rd, 2023  
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