gift of the firebird by projectx

gift of the firebird

I will give you what you need.
Though I tremble, I am not weak.
What causes me to flutter
does not end. Free is what I am,
and you must let me free.
Who am I? The fire of my feathers,
my flaming presence only tells in part.
No one beholds all of what I am.
I maybe in your eye and heart
but I am never owned.
No arms enfold me for long.
I yield so you will let me go.
Know thought that my appearance here
in the shadow of the golden fruit
shall not be in vain. My gift,
this flaming feather, will remind you
you have held what you will miss:
it will slay falsehoods and mists,
will free you from the grip of those
whose trickery does not live
unless you take it to be true.

Arthur Gregor


Arthur needs a bit more space to think about this prose. I like the focus in this shot -nice and sharp and thoughtful! fav
August 12th, 2018  
spectacular image to accompany the thought provioking quote. The expression is spot on and the fire enhances the total composition
August 12th, 2018  
Cool composition! Hot really, but still cool!
August 15th, 2018  
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