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25 October 2012
I'm a retired grandma from the north east of England and am very much a "point and shoot" photographer, just happy to capture images of the things that catch my eye.
I started a paper "2012 captured" journal at the beginng of the year [not a photo a day] but tend to do it in retrospect as it is easier to print off a few photos at a time, so the 365 project ties in with this.
i also knit, crochet and sew [which you can see from my photos] and have made a "proggy mat" wreath for Christmas 2012

12 August 2013
I picked up my 2012 captured photo journal today and was surprised to see that the last entry I made was 25 Oct 2012. Looks like 365 has taken over!!!!

Four Trees Project: http://365project.org/tags/four-trees

My pp shots

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