Fearless  by rachelbrokaw


The face of determination in my youngest as he flashed one more look of "try and stop me!" before he crawled right into the water. Unlike his older brother (my serious little guy, the old soul) he had no fear of the water. He sat and laughed as the waves came lapping up over his toes and legs. He even tried to take put his face in it before Dad interfered. He is at an awkward age - not walking yet but old enough to be impatient and frustrated with being left out of the other kids activities. He had watched them from his stroller, laughing and playing in the sand. He knew exactly what he wanted to do when we finally let him explore the sand. Forget about sand, dirt and rocks. He headed straight for the water. It was an absolute mess getting him out of that sandy sopping wet little bear suit in order to ride home. And he howled the whole time as if expressing the injustice of the situation. Exhausted later but happy I laughed looking through the pictures I'd gotten of his first experience with the "beach". He had been absolutely fearless. A picture of determination. The little blue bear crawling into the water. May we all be as fearless to try new things and experience the unknown. (bear suit or not ha!)
I love this one so much!!! The lighting is beautiful, the background is awesome and your baby is adorable!!! Your story is so cute. I have a 17 year old who was just like how you described.
April 26th, 2019  
@jenp thank you so much!! Isn’t it amazing how kids can be so different? I appreciate your kind comment ❤️
April 26th, 2019  
Great shot
April 26th, 2019  
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