Alex and Gene by randystreat

Alex and Gene

FOR2021 Day 21 - portrait
This is my nephew is on the left and my husband on the right back in 2012.
They look happy together.
February 22nd, 2021  
Lovely portraits
February 22nd, 2021  
Great smiles.
February 22nd, 2021  
How do you fancy giving vortography a try?
February 22nd, 2021  
This is a fabulous portrait of the two of them and their smiling faces! Your nephew is so handsome and your husband looks like he was a fun man to be around! He kind of looks like you Kathy!
February 22nd, 2021  
This is a great portrait, I love their smiles.
February 22nd, 2021  
February 22nd, 2021  
A wonderful portrait
February 22nd, 2021  
Lovely portrait and very happy faces.
February 22nd, 2021  
Lovely window light in this pleasing portrait
February 22nd, 2021  
Very nice shot
February 22nd, 2021  
A nice portrait to keep
February 22nd, 2021  
Lovely portrait.
February 22nd, 2021  
Great capture of both man.
February 22nd, 2021  
Beautiful portrait
February 22nd, 2021  
This is such a nice portrait of the two of them! I just love the smiles.
February 22nd, 2021  
@pusspup Thank you. It was a good day. He liked his Uncle Gene.
@wakelys Thank you Susan.
@kjarn Thank you Kathy
@grammyn Thank you Katy. I have a picture of one of my brothers as a boy that looks very much like a picture I saw of my husband at about the same age. The resemblance is remarkable. My nephew was a very handsome and loving guy.
@jessiclay Thanks Jess.
@joemuli Thank you Joey.
@sunnygirl Thank you Mallory.
@serendypyty Thank you Cazzi.
@cdcook48 We were riding a train. It was a gray and rainy day, but good light.
@bkbinthecity Thank you Brian.
@craftymeg I think it's a keeper too. Thank you Margaret.
@haskar Thank you Hannah.
@pyrrhula Thank you Ferry.
@yolanda Thank you Yolanda
@olivetreeann Thank you Ann. Special men in my life.

@annied I will give it a go Annie. Thanks for the challenge.
February 23rd, 2021  
Great portrait!
February 23rd, 2021  
@thewatersphotos Thank you Gary.
February 24th, 2021  
Nice portrait they look happy.
March 1st, 2021  
@jb030958 At that moment they were. Thanks Jennie.
March 2nd, 2021  
@grammyn Mrs S and I always say that it's easy to tell if a couple have a future together - they look alike!
March 3rd, 2021  
@vignouse I used to say the same thing but it has been years since I remembered that! I think it is so true too!
March 3rd, 2021  
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