Popcorn by randystreat


52 Week Challenge Week 7 - Negative space food photography
I like the colors and the detail! Great use of negative space. did you consider not centering the subject? It might have given it a greater sense of negative space.
February 17th, 2021  
February 17th, 2021  
and then you get to at it.
February 17th, 2021  
And I thought I picked them all up. How funny that we were playing with popcorn together Kathy. Nice set-up and reflection. :)
February 17th, 2021  
This is nice!
February 17th, 2021  
My favorite snack, but sometimes hard to capture in a photo. I like that it looks like there is some cinematic lighting on it. Cool image.
February 17th, 2021  
@grammyn I considered not centering it more, just didn't. Thanks Katy. I'll pay more attention to that in the future.
@aikiuser Thanks Jenn.
@wakelys Yes I ate them and many more.
@novab Nova, when I saw yours I was surprised. I should have mentioned it in my comment on your photo. Good day for popcorn is all I can say and "great minds think alike." Thank you.
@jamibann Thank you Issi.
@theredcamera Thank you Ellen. It's on the range top and the light under the microwave (which is over the range was turned on). Just call me Cecil B. DeMille. 😉
February 18th, 2021  
A great close up.
February 24th, 2021  
@pyrrhula Thank you Ferry.
February 25th, 2021  
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