Pattern by randystreat


Get-Pushed Challenge 435
My get-pushed partner challenged me to depict pattern in a photo. Sorry. More knitting content.
I think being able to do this is amazing- and I also think it's an excellent example of pattern.
November 29th, 2020  
@annied I usually don't post extra get-pushed entries, but I couldn't resist this. Thanks again for challenging me and making me use my brain a bit.
November 29th, 2020  
Nothing to apologize for at all! This is a perfect depiction of pattern and once again tell the story about who you are.
November 29th, 2020  
Intricate pattern and work.
November 29th, 2020  
Nice. Looks complex though!
November 30th, 2020  
Plenty of pattern there--nice!
November 30th, 2020  
So clever and creative.
November 30th, 2020  
Such lovely patterns!
November 30th, 2020  
Don’t apologize, I love seeing your beautiful work! Wish we lived close to each other, you could teach me all the things I should have learned about knitting long ago.
November 30th, 2020  
@olivetreeann Thank you Ann.
@grammyn Thanks Katy.
@ziggy77 Thanks Jo.
@jamibann Thank you Issi. It did require a bit of concentration. A bit more than watching a program at the same time allowed for. Oh well. I get to enjoy it that much longer when I take it out and knit it back the correct way.
@aikiuser Thank you very much
@wakelys Thank you Susan.
@thewatersphotos Thank you Gary.
@jb030958 Thanks Jennie. Ah, you could probably pick it back up. We could FB video chat or Zoom and work on things if you had the time and desire.
December 1st, 2020  
Great patterns. Lovely work.
December 1st, 2020  
@haskar Thank you.
December 2nd, 2020  
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