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HI, nice of you to visit my project and my profile. I'm a 39-year old educator from the Netherlands who was sucked into the project already four years ago. I have been on hiatus and won't be able to post daily, but I'll try my hardest to make this profile interesting. I mostly shoot with my iPhone 5, just because the ease of use, but also because I quite like the many possibilities and apps this device has for making and processing photos.

My subjects will be my two little daughters, my job in the archeological theme park Archeon in Alphen aan den Rijn and everything else I encounter when I travel around in the Netherlands or in my hometown Leiden.

Sometimes during the first weeks of my project I decided to choose song titles as titles for my pictures, as I quite like the challenge this brings, and also the chance to plug artists and bands and songs I like a bit. In my second year I decided to relax my stringent scheme somewhat, which means I won't upload daily (but nearly) and won't always us song titles (but nearly). Entering my third year after the hiatus I have no idea which rules I will implement, you'll have to wait and see :)