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I'm 76 years and retired. I enjoy bird watching and I also collect stamps, both of which led me to a need for photography. About five years ago my wife gave me a camera for a birthday present and I quickly developed a keen interest in photography, both from a technical point of view and also from a creative angle. I kinda wished I'd started younger but I doubt digital cameras were even thought of then!!

I live in Boston, Lincolnshire (UK). There is a dock and a thriving fishing industry based here, and I try to get to the quay several times a week, mainly for the exercise. I also test my (lack of) camera skills there as well.

The whole concept of 365 project has really caught my imagination - so, go for it!


I’ve been doing this for a week now, and I’m asking myself about my motives for joining the project. Well, I’m glad I did. I wanted to take some photos and store them, not in a dark corner of my home network, but somewhere I could see and recall some past times, however recent.

I also wanted to develop some creativity in my pictures. I don’t know how that’s panning out at the moment, but circumstances seem to be working for me. Because of the pandemic, I can’t go out as often as I would like and so even after a week it looks as though there might be a theme creeping into my ideas. Now I haven’t intended to jump into themes and projects straight away, but the last few pictures do seem to be based on my immediate domestic surroundings. I’ll just stick with that for a while until the lockdown eases off. It is surprising how much is going on in the house and outside in the garden!