Safety first by rexcomu

Safety first

The usual routine at home before heading out for my one a day excercise period along the road and back. The distance walked was added to by me having to dodge pedestrians and bikers in trying to maintain social distancing and avoidance of injury by being run over.

That would definitely be sod's law.
Wonderful comp. Staying safe can mean moving around!
April 10th, 2020  
The roads are almost empty, why are cyclists using the pavements??!!
April 10th, 2020  

Not if you don't move around quickly enough..!
April 24th, 2020  
@rexcomu haha...
April 24th, 2020  

There are still some cars around so if it'e young children I can understand it. It's when the cyclists are old enough and big enough to know better. That's when it is annoying!
April 24th, 2020  
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