“Got mud?”  by rhoing

“Got mud?”

It’s the weekend for the 34th annual Big Muddy Film Festival; today Clare & I went to see the films in one category, “Narrative shorts: Adulthood.”

Ranging in length from about 10 to 23 minutes, don't think you can miss even a little piece of any of these. Most of these entries were subtitled and if you missed a look or an expression, you may have just lost the whole thread of where this story is going!

» “Pow Pow Pow” (18 mins.): http://bigmuddyfilm.com/films/#pow
» “Huan Dao” (20 mins.): http://norbertshieh.com/films/huan-dao
» “Mercury in Tuna” (10 mins.): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1843209/
» “Amores Ciegos” (23 mins.): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1723716/
» “Tidy Up” (15 mins.): http://www.tidyupmovie.com/
» “Dol” (12 mins.): http://www.andrewahnfilms.com/index/dol-first-birthday/
» “Static” (12 mins.): http://www.melmiskell.com/static/

“The Big Muddy Film Festival, based at Southern Illinois University Carbondale has become one of the best-respected, wholly independent, community-focused film festivals. In its 34th year, Big Muddy is among the oldest student-organized film festivals in the United States.

“The Big Muddy Film Festival celebrates the innovative works of emerging and established filmmakers and media artists, and is dedicated to encouraging grassroots filmmaking in local communities, and to bringing independent film to the rural Midwest.”

More: http://bigmuddyfilm.com/

A year ago (“A Brief History of Computing”): http://365project.org/rhoing/365/2011-02-25
sounds like fun!!
February 26th, 2012  
@harley84 It's kind of intense because you *really* have to pay attention! There's no dozing or txt'ing or anything in these screenings!
February 26th, 2012  
I can imagine you must catch it from the very begininng or you miss th eplot
February 26th, 2012  
Very interesting, Thom - my niece is a senior at American U, majoring in film. She and a friend just finished an independent film - it's called, "Treat". They sent it off to several indy companies, even Cannes and Sundance, hoping it will get picked up. They're having their big 'premier" next week in DC. By the way, I watched the clip "Mercury in Tuna", since I just went food shopping and bought tuna for my sandwich tomorrow. Perfect timing! :)
February 26th, 2012  
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