Blades of green… by rhoing

Blades of green…

Not blades of grass, but daffodil leaves. Rick Schies — — gets an assist on this for pointing out the green theme. I had all of 5 frames from which to choose and I wasn’t terribly happy with any of them. Thanks, Rick!

Genus page at PhytoImages,

A year ago (“Proof of Life [to come]!” also daffodil!):
. . . waiting to see what you post for 'National Pi Day' ;-)
March 16th, 2012  
Always nice to have a friend point out a theme! I usually don't check on them unless someone reminds me. And yes, I agree with Tari - no "Pi Day" photo from the economic professor?? Maybe that's more a general math type day to celebrate. Or not!
March 16th, 2012  
Glad I could be of assistance Sir Thom. Nice theme shot.
March 16th, 2012  
@sitiodown @sparkleplenty1 Sigh. Wednesday was given over to rowing. I took a Ph.D. student-friend to the lake; she was a varsity rower in college. After she rowed for an hour, I rowed 14,000 meters myself. It was such a lovely day, I then cleaned my shell. It's a white boat,, and after more than 4+ years of lake use, it is quite brown below the water-line, so I chose pi-day to clean-and-wax it. By the time I realized what day it was, it was kind of late. Sorry!

Joyce, Pi doesn't really "come up" much in economic analysis. It should, though: we use a "circular flow model" of economic activity! ;)
March 17th, 2012  
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