The three most important things in real estate… by rhoing

The three most important things in real estate…

Or “Salvaging a post at 10 p.m.”
I had a few shots from our garden of a wasp that shouldn’t be this far north, but I’ve already posted a shot of that insect,
Heading upstairs past our open front door, I noticed a moth on the outside of the screen door. First, it was a minor epiphany about moths: If I were going to photograph many moths, I’d probably need to look at night. Duh! While realizing this, I took several images in the lousy lighting.

I came indoors hoping I had something to post when I realized that one followed me in. It proceeded to the living room where it found the 1-inch-wide slats on the window blinds. While well disguised outside on the brick siding of the house, its camouflage didn’t work so well indoors on white or light vertical surfaces! So “location, location and location” are important!

Confirmed at BAMONA as Bleptina caradrinalis (family Erebidae, subfamily Herminiinae) or “Bent-winged Owlet Moth”;

A year ago (“NOT a Zebra swallowtail…”):
Another lesson learned? Lol
August 14th, 2012  
I like this so much...perfect background, enjoyed the commentary!
August 19th, 2012  
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