Only subject of the day… by rhoing

Only subject of the day…

The good news is that it rained almost all day today. This is good news because we had grass seed put down and without any rain up to last week, we had to start watering. Today is the first day of rain since the seed was put down 22 days ago!

I saw this guy getting the morning paper. As it is, I’ve had to ETSOOI just to get this much. I had a desperation set of shots at 11:30 p.m., but I didn’t like how a single one of them turned out. I learned some stuff from the failures, but in the end, this is all that was left. #999

Confirmed at BugGuide as a male “Microcentrum rhombifolium” (“Greater Angle-wing Katydid”);

Species page at BugGuide,

One year ago (“When your Mac needs recharged…”):
Two years ago (“Butterfly bush”):
and here I thought the little guy was cute. It doesn't look like you ETSOOIed. Good job.
September 22nd, 2013  
@tsteall Thanks, Tammie. Don't think it's in my profile, but I grew up in Berkley & Royal Oak. :)
September 22nd, 2013  
wow! it looks like a walking leaf! cool find
September 22nd, 2013  
It is incredible. I love seeing all the tiny detail.
September 22nd, 2013  
Love the Katy-dids.. like giant flying leaves.. nice capture
September 24th, 2013  
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