Crossing the Mississippi… by rhoing

Crossing the Mississippi…

Tomorrow we fly to Hawaii!

As we often do for morning flights — and *really early* morning flights — we take the St. Louis commuter train to an airport-area hotel where we spend the night — — and take a shuttle across the road to the airport in the morning. Tomorrow’s flight isn’t horribly early, but we still prefer to face anything unexpected the night before our flight and keep things easier the day of our departure.

Taken with the Nikon AW110 point-and-shoot from a moving St. Louis Metrolink train. This was the only shot I managed, and I lucked out to not get any posts or bridge supports!

1 year ago (“A lovely day for a row…”):
2 years ago (“Boat + oars”):
3 years ago (“Please return your seat backs and tray tables…”):

[ DSCN4112AS12x9tm ]
Have a fantastic time in Hawaii! Looking forward to your shots.
October 8th, 2014  
@westerly45 We're back, but it's just one photo a day! Some days are going to be tough to choose! I did some deleting on the trip, but gone 12 days I came home with 1300+ frames!
October 8th, 2014  
That has to be a classic view of that area. Never been there but it looks great
October 8th, 2014  
As a St. Louis resident, I am pleased to see your recent shot. Nice job, for a moving MetroLink train! Your shot of the Arch is lovely. Thanks for posting it under "St. Louis." I hope you enjoyed your trip.
October 16th, 2014  
@rosiekerr Trip was fabulous. If we never get back, this trip will suffice!
Love St. Louis! One reason I signed up for 365 was to "learn my camera." Another was to improve as a photographer. One must be able to look at past posts to determine if there has been improvement. An good habit for looking at past posts is to tag effectively. It takes a bit of extra time, but I think it's worth it! Thanks for stopping & commenting, Rosie!
October 16th, 2014  
@rhoing You are entirely welcome. :)
October 16th, 2014  
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