Construction beasts (and a “CSI query”) by rhoing

Construction beasts (and a “CSI query”)

Even the “baby crane” on the right has to be a beast! This is a mixed, retail and residential complex being built across from the north-east corner of campus.

[For those of you familiar with the city and the university, the 710 Bookstore is no longer at 710 University Ave.! It did, however, retain the name. Years from now people will ask, why is it called "710"? But I digress.]

The framing at the top of building is the fifth floor, or story (counting the ground floor as first). Now you can guess how high up the cab is in the upper-right.

The cab height aside, I just marvel at the torque out at the ends of these cranes' arms. When they pick up a heavy load out at the ends of those long "levers," how much weight is needed behind the tower to counterbalance the load? It's been too long since I took college physics!

The CSI question (and my pet peeve about some of the "procedural" shows on television): What's the license plate on the car above my name in the lower right. “Can you zoom in on that license plate and “enhance’ it?” Sure, while you're at it, let's get an 18×24" enlargement of that license plate. Never mind that the license plate is only 44×22 pixels (fewer than a thousand pixels!) in the original image through a 60mm lens…

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Passed up for posting: four shots of a Norway spruce (“Picea abies”) on campus

[ IMG_8502S12x9tm ]
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