An eventful day *in* the water by rhoing

An eventful day *in* the water

Launch went fine (another "wet launch").
Row was fantastic! It was calm enough to go through the two big, open areas of the lake.
Came back here to the ramp area and successfully exited the shell into the water.
And *then* I slipped. Went for a fully-submerged swim. Scraped an Achilles pretty deep. Pride definitely hurt. But the shell stayed upright and it's okay. (It would likely be more expensive — in terms of both time and dollars — to fix the hull than to fix me!)

Edit. The following week I was in a lot of arm-and-shoulder pain so two weeks after this, I paid a visit to Roland's office. Strained rotator cuff. A result, no doubt, of hanging on to the shell when I slipped, fell and went under. Sigh. Cortisone shot to get me through our upcoming trip to Denmark & Sweden!

Further edit. Five weeks after the cortisone shot I saw Roland's PA at the bank. She asked about the shoulder. Actually, I said, it's pretty sore. We wondered together if the strain had turned into a tear. Saw Roland the next day and on my pain scale of 0-to-8, I was at 7. (I won't go to 9 or 10 because I've never gone through childbirth!) Roland wrote some prescriptions and sent me to physical therapy. Off the water for a while again. :-(

*Further* edit. Physical therapy (traction) helped a lot, but eventually there was an MRI, and a determination of a pinched nerve.
Off the water for 261 days,

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Serene photo, even if not a serene exit.
October 9th, 2015  
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