Honey, I need one more… by rhoing

Honey, I need one more…

Have three, but need four:
1. the outside diameter of the screw for the top piece.
2. the shaft diameter of the screw for the second piece.
3. countersink the head.
4. drive the screw.

I finally finished my work table for the garage in the last week and this weekend while Clare is out of town, I thought I would build her a work table for the garage, too. It was during this process, and changing drill bits repeatedly that I remembered I did at least have a third drill. The one on the right is an old, 9.6V and the batteries are weak, but they last long enough to dig out enough wood to countersink screw and nail heads … and save me a lot of time changing bits!

Thanks to my brothers-in-law Rod and Rich for their advice and woodworking wisdom through these processes! I'm learning!

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The right tool can certainly make all the difference. You should see Charlie's collection!
February 27th, 2016  
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