Visiting the kids [filler #19] by rhoing

Visiting the kids [filler #19]

[At least it's not a butterfly?]
Continuing the tradition set by Clare's dad — who replaced, installed and fixed so many things in our two houses over the years, but passed away too-young in 2005 — it's now my turn to "be the dad." I asked Steve what tasks or projects he'd like me to do during our recent visit. Replace all the outlet covers in their living room. The outlets were all replaced with white when they moved in, but the old, ornate metal covers were pretty unattractive. So I replaced them all with white covers. While I was at it, I replaced the switch covers, too. But some of the switches were dark, so they had to go, too, of course! Except in the hallway, which is painted dark. In that case, the white outlet had to be replaced!

I think I only have to replace the 3-way switches in the stairway to the second-floor bedrooms and all the switches, outlets and covers will be what Jenny & Steve want. As you can see, the switches are pretty old!

1 year ago (“I liked the colors”):
2 years ago (“Clouded Skipper”):
3 years ago (“Dion Skipper!”):
4 years ago (“This could go in the purple kitchen, Clare!”):
5 years ago (“‘Layers’ II”):

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What a dad! We've been playing that role lately...while I've had a handyman at our own house for the last 2 weeks doing our chores! Ha! Life. What a difference new switches make.
September 12th, 2016  
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