I’m a bit excited by this… [Filler] by rhoing

I’m a bit excited by this… [Filler]

Currently identified at BugGuide as an Underwing moth in the Catocala genus and tentatively suggested as a “Sad Underwing” (“Catocala maestosa”). Initially I thought BugGuide had no images of adults but I made a silly mistake in searching for images. However, I may have the first Sad Underwing for Illinois in October, https://bugguide.net/node/view/34547/data

My 34th different species of moth posted here » https://365project.org/tags/tm-moth-species

» ID’ed as “Catocala maestosa” or “Sad Underwing” at BAMONA; https://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/sighting_details/1198843

» ID’ed at BugGuide to genus Catocala; https://bugguide.net/node/view/1631381

» Species page at BAMONA, https://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/species/Catocala-maestosa
» Genus page at BugGuide, https://bugguide.net/node/view/368

Filler: Taken yesterday in a parking lot on campus after my volunteer reading session.

[ IMG_20181002_114749968S75x75tm :: cell phone ]
It seems rather large.
February 1st, 2019  
@janeandcharlie Wingspan 78-98 mm, so upwards of 4" when wings are stretched out.
February 1st, 2019  
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