Oops! Four door knobs; nine hinges by rhoing

Oops! Four door knobs; nine hinges

All the old kitchen hardware was bright gold/polished brass … and so were all four nearby door knobs (pantry/linen closet, powder room, laundry room, door-to-garage) and nine door hinges. The new handles and pulls are polished nickel, so off I go for new hardware. This was not “included” in the project, so replacing all the knobs and hinges falls to me. On the bright side, this updates knobs to “handles,” which are so much easier and convenient to use anyway.

I mentioned this to a brother-in-law. He responded, “Been there!! Also, if your windows are still wood, you'll want to change out the window locks and the door stops!” Gah!

Whew! Window locks are dark gray and there is only one pin-mounted door stop.

[ IMG_20190512_114141484A100x75Cstm :: cell phone ]
Ha! Ha! One of my mother's words of wisdom was: Don't ever buy a new wastepaper basket for the bathroom. What she meant is that then everything in the bathroom will have to be replaced to match the new item. Another one of her nuggets: While ironing, in your head, plan every detail of a dinner party that you want, just don't pick up the phone and actually invite anyone. I think she spoke from experience.
July 29th, 2019  
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