Well, today was a first… by rhoing

Well, today was a first…

I took an unscheduled swim in the lake, flipping out of the shell … a mere two feet from the dock.

When I launched, there were two young men fishing off the end of the dock. To maintain social distancing, I tried to launch from the side as close to the shore as I could, i.e., as far from the young men as I could manage (with a 21' craft). I wasn't able to push myself far enough away from the dock to get my dockside oar in the water. Stuck, one of the young men offered to “help.” As one friend told me after-the-fact, never-ever let a non-rower “help.”

The young man started out well enough, pushing the dockside oar blade straight away from the dock. But then he started raising the blade. Balance in a rowing shell is achieved by always keeping the oar handles at the same height above the water. I had the oar handles together, so when the young man raised the dockside oar blade, the opposite oar blade had nowhere to go but into the water, tipping the shell and in I went. Sigh.

The early-April water wasn't too cold; it was actually a bit refreshing. My rowing guru said he would have said, Forget it, and gone home. But with the gym closed, this is my exercise, so I did a bit over 14K (8¾ miles), easily drying out completely in the process.

I lost my sunglasses into several feet of water when I got dunked, but otherwise the only harm was to my pride.

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"Confession is good for the soul"...great story!
July 6th, 2020  
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