Interference by rhoing


This reminds me of a high school physics project. I was in a group with classmate Bob McMasters, who had, what I thought at the time was, a fancy camera. He took photographs of the ripples in a pan of water so we could analyze the interference patterns. Hence the title for today’s post.

There are two dominant sources of the interference patterns from a rowing shell:
» the bow of the shell pushing water away (the inverted-V pattern)
» the stern of the shell moving through the water (leaving a V-shape as the water fills the space the shell has vacated).

Similar post many years ago. I think I was going faster today: compare them side-by-side.

» Out: 7,519m in 43:38.7 (2:54.1 per 500m), 904s; 0 CLAMs
» Back: 7,513m in 39:52.5 (2:39.2 per 500m), 866s; 2 CLAMs

[ IMG_0546S100x75Atm :: P&S ]
Very interesting!
July 19th, 2020  
Nice symmetry.
July 19th, 2020  
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