Pandemic Puzzle #7 (Chocolate) by rhoing

Pandemic Puzzle #7 (Chocolate)

This was a hard one.

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LOL! This is very cool! I can imagine that it was pretty difficult.
August 9th, 2020  
Looks challenging.
August 9th, 2020  
Wow! Nice job.
August 10th, 2020  
You are good with puzzles. I did 0 .....
August 10th, 2020  
@dutchothotmailcom We're both retired & stuck at home under shelter-in-place orders (except for our recent trip and staying with family for every night except the last). You have kids at home. Knowing the current circumstances for our daughter & her husband with just one pre-schooler at home (a 2nd arriving this fall), we sympathize for all parents with kids at home — pre-school, K-8, high school, college, and even post-graduate children. It must be a stress in so many dimensions of daily life. :-\
August 10th, 2020  
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