Peck’s Skipper by rhoing

Peck’s Skipper

One of the many small butterflies in the Hesperiidae family (Hesperiinae subfamily).

ID’ed as “Polites peckius” or “Peck’s Skipper” at: [ BAMONA ] [ BugGuide ]

Species pages: [ BAMONA ] [ BugGuide ] [ UK Butterflies ]

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[ IMG_0996S7x7Atm :: 250mm ]
Nice detailed close up. So pretty with this flower .
August 13th, 2020  
love the colors and angel
August 13th, 2020  
Wonderful the Skippers are such delightful little insects.
August 13th, 2020  
@jesika2 But many species are somewhat difficult to distinguish!
August 13th, 2020  
@rhoing The Small and Essex Skippers distinguished only by the tips of the antennae!
August 13th, 2020  
Love the colors.
August 13th, 2020  
Beautiful shot! I love colors you captured!
August 13th, 2020  
Marvelous detail.
August 14th, 2020  
@thewatersphotos Zoom lens out to 250mm helps a lot!
August 14th, 2020  
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