Just hangin’ out by rhoing

Just hangin’ out

Alas, my butterfly (and most other insect) posts may be coming to an end. My long lens is acting up:
Err 01 · Communications between the camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts.
Yeaaaah, cleaning the lens contacts does not work. I got nearly ten years from this 55–250mm kit lens. But I’m not sure I’m willing to spend the money for a replacement… :-\

» ID’ed at BAMONA as “Danaus plexippus” or “Monarch”
» Species pages: [ BAMONA ] [ BugGuide ] [ UK Butterflies ]
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[ IMG_1072TsS100x75TsUtm :: 214mm ]
aww, this is a nice shot. Sorry to hear about your lens, I hope it hangs on a little longer.
August 17th, 2020  
@dutchothotmailcom Nope. It's dead. But thanks for the hopeful wish.
I have tried it multiple times since this day. Last attempts were yesterday: worked on the first frame and then zero times after that. It was frustrating, so I'm going to get a screwdriver and take it apart so I'm not even tempted to use it. Perhaps there will be a post of a disassembled zoom lens!!
August 17th, 2020  
beautiful fav
August 17th, 2020  
@rhoing , you make me curious what that will be.
August 17th, 2020  
Beautiful capture, Thom! I hope you can get it fixed or will see that you need a replacement. I've been using my LG phone for photos trying to save my camera until I can get battery replacements and not so sure that will fix my problem.
August 17th, 2020  
Bummer re the lens
August 17th, 2020  
Sad about your lens but thanks for the Monarch. I shall always remember my visits to Arden Wood and Pacific Grove Monarch sanctuaries in 2015.
August 17th, 2020  
Looks good. Hope you get the lens corrected!
August 17th, 2020  
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