Nothing like thunder for motivation by rhoing

Nothing like thunder for motivation

No storms in the forecast when I left, but there was the unmistakable rumble of thunder when I was a couple miles from the dock. Pretty good motivation to row a little harder on the last leg. The sprinkles didn't start until I was back on the dock and there was no lightning until the shell was on top of the car and I was about to drive home.

Just for fun: A brief history of Concept2 oars
» An excerpt: “1991: The Big Blade is developed at Concept2. This asymmetric hatchet-shaped blade appeared to be 1–2% faster than existing designs and is prominently used during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.” One to two percent faster. So 1m 38s–1m 39s instead of 1m 40s: At the collegiate varsity and Olympic levels, fractions-of-a-second matter.

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Rowing stats 9,917m: just short of my usual 10K minimum
(N dock > NW corner > SE corner > N dock)
2,149 in 12:09.1 (2:50.0); 22 spm; 267s; 0 CLAMs
4,258 in 23:59.1 (2:49.4); 22½ spm; 529s; 1 CLAM
3,510 in 19:13.3 (2:44.4); 23 spm; 434s; 2 CLAMs

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Absolutely! Glad you weren't on the water when the lightening started.
September 5th, 2020  
Thunder always scares me when on the water. I guess you got a good work out. It looks still pretty calm in this shot.
September 5th, 2020  
Yep! Thunder gets me in from cutting grass quickly, too! Glad you made it safely.
September 5th, 2020  
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