Self-explanatory [Filler]  by rhoing

Self-explanatory [Filler]

That is, self-explanatory for why this scene caught my attention.
From my visit to the eye doctor's office yesterday. Good thing they salted those steps!

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This would almost make me question my eyesight / prescription.
April 15th, 2021  
@genealogygenie Maybe they should construct a model of Escher's “Ascending/Descending” or “Waterfall” or Penrose Stairs out by the street to attract business!
April 15th, 2021  
LOL! A new window where there used to be a door. Interesting!
April 15th, 2021  
thats very funny!
April 16th, 2021  
I wonder how many folks went up the steps and then looked for the door?!
April 16th, 2021  
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