Bourbon on the Death Star [Filler] by rhoing

Bourbon on the Death Star [Filler]

My younger daughter gave me a spherical, silicone ice mold with the details of the Death Star from “Star Wars”.

I was posting this for the 13th based on the file name — PXL_20210213… — only to discover that I've been fooled by Google again. This was taken the previous evening, on 2021-02-12. Sigh. I sure hope Google fixes this issue.

Bourbon is an American “whisky”. Hmm; or is it “whiskey”? The Grammarist weighs in! In particular: “Using whiskey to refer to Scotch whisky can get you in trouble in Scotland”!

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[ PXL_20210213_033230721.PORTRAIT_S75x75Atm :: cell phone ]
Interesting pov
April 20th, 2021  
LOL! Lovely shot, Darth!
April 20th, 2021  
Nice image!
April 21st, 2021  
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