Grilled cheese [Filler]  by rhoing

Grilled cheese [Filler]

The best grilled cheese! Grill the insides, then the outsides, then press some grated or shredded cheese on the outsides and cook again. Yum. From Kenji Alt-Lopez's book, The Food Lab (2015).
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I love grilled cheese!!
May 10th, 2021  
Who doesn't love grilled cheese?!!
May 10th, 2021  
@marlboromaam For real!
May 11th, 2021  
@rhoing I love 'em made with Cabot's Seriously Sharp Cheddar!
May 11th, 2021  
Looks yummy. Recipe?
May 11th, 2021  
I want your grilled cheese!!
May 11th, 2021  
Looks wonderful
May 11th, 2021  
The recipe I found in Kenji's cookbook has an additional step I follow: “If desired, spread the grated cheese evenly over a large plate. Press the sandwiches into the grated cheese, turning once and pressing on them until you get an even coating of cheese on both sides. Return the sandwiches to the skillet and cook until the grated cheese has melted and formed a golden brown crust, about 1 minute. Carefully flip the sandwiches and repeat with the second side.” The grated cheese I'm working on is a green canister blend of grated Parmesan, Romano and Asiago. This is what looks white in the posted photo above. :)
May 12th, 2021  
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