Ever wonder about 2–3 minute popular songs? by rhoing

Ever wonder about 2–3 minute popular songs?

One explanation I found: it’s what would fit on a 45rpm single. (Doesn’t explain “MacArthur Park” at 7m 21s in 1968, but I suspect manufacturing tolerances were better by then.) This is one 45 I haven’t tossed out yet…
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You'll just have to wait. Just give it time - no matter how long it takes. LOL!
July 2nd, 2021  
Motown, NICE!
July 2nd, 2021  
Cool shot! The length was all that radio stations wanted to play. That is often why in the 70s and 80s bands would have "album versions" that were much longer than the "radio version".
July 4th, 2021  
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