They tried and they tried… by rhoing

They tried and they tried…

Paper tray for an HP Envy Pro 6452 printer. Printer documentation for paper handling indicates “Media sizes, custom (U.S. standard): Simplex:3x5 to 8.5x14; Duplex:3 x 5.5 to 8.5 x 12.2 in”

Open the box, set it up. Huh — how does it handle legal paper (8½×14")? Documentation says “to 8.5x14.” It wasn't obvious or apparent. Getting nowhere with the paper tray and the limited, icon-heavy product information that comes with technical equipment anymore, I tried all sorts of suggested solutions from Googling the problem. Eventually, I gave up and called HP tech support.

The technician was quite pleasant, initially taking down my phone number in case we were disconnected, but it quickly became apparent that this wasn't going to have a satisfactory outcome.

She worked with me for more than an hour and a half and then brought in an “escalation tech.” I sent this photo, which is fairly suggestive that the longest paper this printer will handle is A4. The escalation tech worked with me/us for another twenty minutes. And then the call abruptly ended. No “good-bye” or any statement that the call was ending. No call-back. I guess they finally realized that this printer cannot print to legal paper after all, contrary to HP’s documentation, which still indicates “Media sizes, custom (U.S. standard): Simplex:3x5 to 8.5x14…”

Later I thought about how else this could have been handled from HP’s side. At some point, surely one or both of the techs had to realize that they were trying to jam a square peg in a round hole and that the documentation for this printer [series] is — well — just wrong. At that point, instead of just hanging up on me, offer me a 10–20% credit toward another HP printer, one that would handle legal paper? But I guess there’s no escalation escalation-tech and trying to keep me in the HP fold was not in their script or decision tree.

This printer went back to the store.
Bought a Brother.
Never-ever another HP product.

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Wow! Customer service just sucks these days - all together. Forget getting any help at all in Wally World. Hope your Brother works well for you.
July 28th, 2021  
@marlboromaam The Brother laser is working well so far.
July 28th, 2021  
Live and learn...
July 28th, 2021  
That’s such a shame. My ancient and wonderful HP finally expired this year and I bought a recommended Canon. The HP was solidly built but the Canon feels flimsy. I’ve eventually managed to get printer and laptop to talk to each other, how will it print??? Sorry you had so negative an experience, everything seems extremely complicated now
July 28th, 2021  
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