Lamb’s ear  by rhoing

Lamb’s ear

From Missouri Botanical Garden:
Noteworthy Characteristics
Stachys byzantina, known as lamb's ears, is grown primarily for its thick, soft, velvety, silver-gray leaves which typically form a rapidly spreading mat approximately 4-6" off the ground. Leaves are evergreen in warm climates, but will depreciate considerably in harsh winters. Erect, small-leaved flowering stems with terminal spikes of insignificant, tiny, purplish-pink flowers appear in summer rising above the foliage to 10-15" tall. Many gardeners remove the flowering stems to enhance the ground cover effect. Dense rosettes of woolly, tongue-shaped, gray-green leaves (to 4" long) spread by runners. Leaf shape and texture resemble a lamb's ear, hence the common name.

“Genus name comes from the Greek stacys meaning ear of corn in probable reference to the inflorescence of a related plant.

“Specific epithet means of classical Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey).

“Several cultivars of this species, the best of which is 'Helene Von Stein', have the advantages over the species of having better summer foliage and rarely producing flowering stems.

Tends to rot and develop leaf diseases in humid summer climates. Well-drained soils are essential in order to combat potential rot problems which often occur in humid St. Louis summers. Even with well-drained soils, some summer die-out may occur where high humidity and/or moisture on foliage is present. Can spread aggressively.

Foliage provides interesting texture and color to the border or rock garden. Effective edger or small area ground cover.”

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Gorgeous shot! Such a pretty plant.
September 2nd, 2021  
I like the texture and the soft colors.
September 3rd, 2021  
September 3rd, 2021  
September 3rd, 2021  
Love the texture! I've not seen it grow erect like this! Interesting!
September 4th, 2021  
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