1981 45RPM by rhoing

1981 45RPM

I was disappointed in the shots for an earlier post — “Ever wonder about 2–3 minute popular songs?” — so I tried some more shots to focus on the grooves. This is the 3-minute B-side of a 45 single I bought 40ish years ago for this Mike Post recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSOeRqNtQtM.
» TV show hint: “Let’s be careful out there.”
» The B-side tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KijqOq5TK5s

I did my best to remove as much dust as I could; I Photoshop’ed-out a lot of dust particles and still there is a lot!

I don’t know what I expected, but I was surprised by how perceptibly “jagged” some of the grooves are, especially with a macro lens.

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[ IMG_2512S12x8ETSOOItm :: 60mm ]
Very cool grooves and blues with the song! I wish I still had my old 45s and an old juke box full of them. I'd go back in a skinny minute. I still have too many LPs.
September 28th, 2021  
@marlboromaam I got rid of most of my LPs. I still have a receiver and a turntable in the attic if the electronics haven't melted, though I no longer have any speakers! We've seen a couple of HGTV shows in which the flippers found a stash of LPs and made feature walls out of them!
September 29th, 2021  
@rhoing Wow! No feature walls with albums for me. LOL! Especially with all my Zeppelin albums. =)
September 29th, 2021  
@marlboromaam Do you still listen to music on vinyl at home; no CDs for you?
September 29th, 2021  
Cool photo! I remember the TV show and the music, although I didn't watch it.
All our music is digital now. We got rid of records years ago and recently turned in the CDs.
September 29th, 2021  
@thewatersphotos "Turned in" the CDs? I've hung on to mine. Don't know how/why they could be useful again in the future, but I don't absolutely need the space at the moment, so here they remain.
September 29th, 2021  
@rhoing We had a dishwasher leak about a year ago resulting in kitchen cabinets coming out for the floor to get dried. One thing led to another and the "decluttering" began! We very much needed to do so. That is when the CDs were donated. The decluttering continues.
September 29th, 2021  
Hillstreet Blues. No more 45's here. Got rid of them a long time ago. Still have some albums but no turntable.
September 30th, 2021  
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