How Things Work [Travel day filler] by rhoing

How Things Work [Travel day filler]

Today is a travel day. We’re off to visit with Clare’s mom for a few days, and then to Massachusetts to visit the kids and grandkids, with the older kids in their new, early-60’s home. I have a list of projects, so I’m taking a bag and a box of tools with me.

This post is for MaggieMae.
Squeezing a brake lever on the handlebar pulls the brake cable (toward the lever):
» This pulls the brake arms (green arrows).
» Since the brake arms are anchored to the bike frame at the opposite end (orange circles), the brake arms are pulled in toward the center line (yellow arrows).
» The brake pads (red ovals) are pulled together against the rim of the wheel, resulting in a braking action.
Clear as mud?

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@maggiemae This one’s for you!
January 24th, 2022  
January 24th, 2022  
Its on the rim - the brakes? Not the tyre itself....I feel better advised now. Very clever manipulation here!
January 26th, 2022  
@maggiemae Oh, gosh, not the rubber tire! The pads pinch in on the smooth metal rim for smoother, more controlled braking.
January 26th, 2022  
Makes for an interesting image too, with all those colors!
Thank you for the follow. Much appteciated :)
January 28th, 2022  
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