Vaccinium corymbosum  by rhoing

Vaccinium corymbosum

Blueberries from my bowl of fruit this morning. There are, of course, the occasional stems (“peduncles”?) attached, but I don’t recall ever getting leaves as well. So this is the post for today, leading me down a bit of a rabbit hole on “blueberries” more scientifically and botanical terminology. Photographed in a foldio1 photo box by ORANGEMONKIE.

» The genus Vaccinium has more than 900 species…
» The common grocery store item is probably Vaccinium corymbosum
» Genus also contains Vaccinium macrocarpon, better known as cranberry
» Blueberries and cranberries are “berries” … but raspberries are not berries
» Species pages for Vaccinium corymbosum: [ PhytoImages at ] [ Missouri Botanical Garden ]

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[ IMG_3029S108x72B+30C+15tm :: 60mm :: foldio ]
I think it turned out well!
January 7th, 2023  
Nice close up! Great focus!
January 8th, 2023  
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