Caterpillar watch by rhoing

Caterpillar watch

Our master gardener friend texted, “Keep a close eye on those caterpillars. Don't want anything nearby upon which a bird can perch. If you see them ‘disappearing’ before they make cocoons, the caterpillars are probably being ‘poached’ and you will need to concoct a solution.  …  With 20+ on the plant, beware those birds!” I suppose I could camp out in a lawn chair while they load up on their preferred food.

The Monarch caterpillar has tentacles at its “bow” and “stern.” The larger tentacles are at the head, as belied by the legs just behind the head.
» See the anatomy diagram at Monarch Watch at University of Kansas.

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Nice pic!
June 26th, 2023  
Fascinating info from the master gardener
June 28th, 2023  
Great capture
June 28th, 2023  
Wonderful. Soon be time for the great trek south, won't it?
August 25th, 2023  
@jesika2 Alas, none survived: they all were part of the food chain (wasps and birds). A master-gardener friend says it's very difficult to get them to the chrysalis stage. :(
August 25th, 2023  
Wonderfully sharp picture
September 10th, 2023  
A great capture of this amazing caterpillar
September 21st, 2023  
@corinnec Unfortunately, none survived the wasps and birds this year.

I've been rescreening window screens and bought a roll of screen wire I can't use (wrong color and I opened the roll), but I think I will use it next year to throw over the milkweeds when the Monarch caterpillars emerge and see if I can protect the caterpillars from their predators.
September 22nd, 2023  
@rhoing This is so sad! I hope your solution will work next year.
September 27th, 2023  
Stunning photo, fascinating summery & fun learning for me.
October 12th, 2023  
super capture! Great focus!
November 3rd, 2023  
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