Quick, Let's Get Outta Here! by rich57

Quick, Let's Get Outta Here!

Making a quick getaway from the scene of a crime! Nobody dropped a single chocolate.

Apropros of nothing I thought I'd post this link of The Shipley Dancing Man. Shipley is pretty near Leeds and my friend came home talking about him after she'd driven past him on the way home. We discovered he's now on YouTube, it's a bit crazy!!!...
I love it, it really has the feel of a crime scene... :)
November 1st, 2010  
haha what th dancing man video? what a nutter...he's either on drugs or just a beer short of six pack, not quite all there!
November 1st, 2010  
Hahaha! CSI mode! Love it!
November 1st, 2010  
ahaha, really funny =D
November 1st, 2010  
The dancing man has trouble keeping the beat! Looks like outline for him...call in the investigators. Fun shot
November 1st, 2010  
Looks like a fun time was had by all (including the dancing man!)
November 1st, 2010  
Great pic!! Glad no chocs lost, even though you were nearly mugged!!

Love the dancing man! There used to be a man who dressed up like a clown in Worthing, and all he did was hang out at the traffic lights, jumping out, being daft, trying to make the drivers smile.. got locked up in the end because he caused too many accidents! I adore people who are slightly fruitcake :-)
November 1st, 2010  
Good to know the chocolate was not injured in the getaway....lol
November 1st, 2010  
November 1st, 2010  
Love the video! Crazy is what will make this guy famous. There have been days my grown kids are so happy they start skipping. It's something to see because they don't even realize they are doing it. :-)

Now I want to go dancing down the sidewalk!
November 2nd, 2010  
haha nice!
November 2nd, 2010  
ahahah, nice!!!
November 3rd, 2010  
Lol - great pic!!
November 4th, 2010  
Heh heh...great!
November 5th, 2010  
that's awesome! a couple halloweens ago my sister and her colleagues decorated their office as a crime scene. i'm not entirely sure if it was a hint to their bosses. hahahah
November 9th, 2010  
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