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June Word Challenge - solitude

My favourite tree. This is where I grew up but this is far from the best view here (I hope to snap other beautiful home-y views over the summer holiday for my project). I went today after school to see how the peregrine falcons were doing. We saw the chick and parents on Saturday and the chick looked about ready to fledge - no sign of them today so I guess it happened. In the absence of peregrines, I snapped my lone tree.
that's beautiful - wonderful tree in amazing scenery

you know @fueast Alison Tomlin had a tag for trees like this - elt - stands for extreme lone tree
June 15th, 2012  

Thank you. It's a stunning area! Thanks for the elt mention, I'll tag it!
June 15th, 2012  
amazing photo, im a fan now

:) oops i did fave it!
June 15th, 2012  

Thank you :)
June 15th, 2012  
Beautful tree and shot. That tree should have a fan club ;-)
June 15th, 2012  
Lovely to sit under (for at least a day)..
June 15th, 2012  
Great for the word challenge. Lovely shot of the tree against the beautiful countryside. It would be my favourite too.
June 15th, 2012  
Stunning; makes me want to take a book and sit under it and read :-)
June 15th, 2012  
Nice memories :)
June 15th, 2012  
Fabulous image, fav
June 16th, 2012  
this is stunning! love the title..solitude really describes this tree. it looks so lonely.
June 16th, 2012  
@helstor @yotulip @jennywren @kimcrisp @cally @seangelap

Thanks for your comments everyone! Glad you like my tree. It would be a great place to read but it's not accessible and I think the pheasants have already claimed it anyway!

Thanks for the fav! :)
June 16th, 2012  
I can see why this is your favorite tree!! It is gorgeous! Beautiful view too! Great capture!!
June 18th, 2012  
Wow, fave!! This is immediately stunning.. From the very first glimpse!
June 20th, 2012  
Woah a fabulous lone tree and view. Could sit there a while
June 20th, 2012  
This is a great shot. Where is it?

I might add my shot from today (poppy) into the June word challenge (I've been away so this past me by).
June 20th, 2012  
I know a tree like this, which I feel a weird sense of affection for! Love this pic!
June 21st, 2012  
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