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I completed my first 365 at the beginning of 2011 and swore that after nearly suffering a breakdown trying to get one decent picture a day for a year I'd never do it again. If it had not been for the bullying tactics of my partner http://365project.org/iowsara/profile who started her new project on January 1st I wouldn't have either. However here I am, with a plan to start it all again.

I started my original 365 to improve my photography skills, which I think I did. This year I decided to learn another skill, I'd like to say wood carving but I doubt I'll do more than whittle a spoon or two. So some of my pictures will undoubtably be my carving attempts, I hope as the year progresses they improve. Interspersed with these pictures will be whatever else I decide to take that day. I'm not putting pressure on myself to take the worlds best picture or to put a picture on each day work commitments make that difficult to do. I will endeavour to take a picture a day and put them on as often as I can.